Fools Unite For Final Fall Fool Fiesta


The Fall Fool Contradance Weekend 2017 is the last weekend in October (October 27−29, 2017).


Callers are Lindsey Dono and Jeremy Korr

The location is the Leif Erikson Hall -- 2245 NW 57th Street -- Seattle -- Ballard area.

This event is not suitable for "beginners".

Registration is now OPEN.

Questions? - send us an email at f o o l d a n c e r s * a t * h o t m a i l . c o m . If you're on Facebook, join the Dancing Fool group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a spam blocker that prevents our email getting through to you - then that is your problem.  We will not fill out spam blocker forms. Receiving email is your responsibility. 

Many people who attend Dancing Fool experience Contra Face Syndrome.

 I may be totally wrong, but I'm a... Dancing Fool. (Frank Zappa)

Youtube - Frank Zappa: Dancing Fool    Youtube - Ohio University Marching Band: Dancing Fool



last updated: November 28, 2016